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Based in Metrowest Boston, august & iris Photography specializes in on-location, natural light portraits and lifestyle photography for expectant parents, newborns, children and families.

I am Bethany Colavincenzo, and my college, graduate and professional work – as an elementary teacher, public policy advocate, and educational specialist – has always centered around working with children. My experience has given me an ease with little ones so that they (and their parents!) feel comfortable in front of the camera. Your job is to play, show me around, talk, and laugh. My job is to channel my own curiosity about you and your little ones’ personalities and interests into images that reflect technical knowledge of photography and, more importantly, the spirit of your family.

I am a reflective, sentimental “old-soul” who often feels like I view the world through a series of still frames. In witnessing children at play and interactions between people, time seems to freeze in a way that allows me to capture a mental picture. With camera in hand, my hope is to preserve these moments for others so that they can witness the beauty in life as I see it.

My husband claims that the dimples in my cheeks are the true test of my happiness, and it seems that my dimples are always present when I take and edit pictures. I am thrilled to have discovered a field that combines my complete fascination with the way little minds work, an appreciation for creative expression, and the desire to capture the beautiful, fleeting moments that life brings with it. My goal is to preserve organic moments, and all of my favorite images are those that are taken between more structured poses.

My favorite (and occasionally cooperative) subjects are my four little loves.







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